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"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."  Thomas Jefferson
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  "There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance." -- Goethe

"The search for truth is never wrong.  The only sin is to lack the courage to follow where truth leads." -- Duke

"He alone deserves to be remembered by his children who treasures up and preserves the memory of his fathers." -- Edmund Burke




What are the results of loss of White rule in South Africa?

Death, Rape, Torture

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, South Africa is now the rape capital of the world.  South Africa is ranked second for assault and murder.  They rank 10 out of 60 "better-developed" countries for total crime.  Some want to dispute these statistics.  They like to point out that  the "murder and crime rate has stabilized."  Yeah, stabilized at rates never seen under white rule.

South Africans, (SA has a population of 47 million people) reported 19,202 murders at the SA Police Service from April 2006 to March 2007.  SA's reported murder rate is the sixth highest in the world after Columbia.

But of course, compared to Somalia, South Africa is doing just fine.   Comforting to White South Africans.

According to a recent United Nations report, 3% of people in Scotland and 2.8% people in England and Wales are victims of violent crime each year.  That compares to 11.5% in South Africa. 

Although firearms and explosives were the cause of more than half of the deaths in the early 1990s, spears, knives, and axes, Zulu traditional weapons which were legal, were responsible for about 20 percent of violent deaths.

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute has statistics to show that South Africa has lower rates of violent crime than many African and South American countries and that the picture of South African crime is more typical of a developing country.  That's the excuse given.

South Africa used to be a developed country until it was given over to black rule

Many emigrants from South Africa say that crime was a big factor in their decision to leave.  Car hijackings is a huge problem.  A recent trend in South Africa is for thieves to enter restaurants and rob the patrons eating there.  In July 2008 the Restaurant Association of South Africa was forced to raise the security classification of the capital's restaurants to "caution areas".  Since January, 15 people have been killed and 687 attacks carried out on restaurants.

The government would like to point out that murder and robbery rates are down.  But rape and hijacking continue unabated.  Police officers are being killed at an alarming rate.  In one province alone, 19 police officers lost their lives in the first 7 months of 2006.

The Minister of Safety and Security, Charles Nqakula, says that those who complain about the country's crime rate should stop complaining and leave the country.

Trying to protect themselves and their loved ones, White South African's are moving into gated communities.  But of course that makes others irritated.  Some claim that gated communities are a return to the, pass laws.  Laws that restricted where people of color could live and travel.   The South African Human Rights Commission has been asked to report on whether or not they violate any human rights, such as freedom of movement.

After public hearings were held in September 2004, a special report was released in 2005 by the SAHRC. The Chaiperson of the SAHRC, Mr. Jody Kollapen wrote: "The Commission, even though satisfied that a legal basis does exist for security access restrictions, including boom gates and road closures, urges local authorities and communities to consider and exhaust alternate access restrictions, including guards and guard houses, traffic calming measures and closed circuit television."

Private security companies have become a big business in South Africa, if you can afford their services.  Since police response is deemed too slow and unreliable, security companies are a popular form of protection.

Financial Crimes

PricewaterhouseCooper's fourth biennial Global Economic Crime Survey reported an 110% increase in fraud reports from South African companies in 2005.  83% of South African companies reported being affected by white collar crime in 2005, and 72% of South African companies reported being affected in 2007. 64% of the South African companies surveyed stated that they pressed forward with criminal charges upon detection of fraud. 3% of companies said that they each lost more than ten million South African rand in two years due to fraud.  64% of con men held a high school education or less.

Advance fee fraud scammers based in South Africa have in past years reportedly conned people from various parts of the world out of millions of rands. South African police sources stated that Nigerians living in Johannesburg suburbs operate at least 419 schemes that they had to shut down.  I

Farm Attacks


Farm Murders in South Africa

This is not for children to watch



Notice the sexual torture



Mark Welman is a Jewish bastard

He is telling the world that the White farmers aren't being murdered in enough numbers to call it genocide


Farmers are being murdered at four times the rate of the rest of the country



If they were Jews the world would be screaming for retribution


White farmers in South Africa have suffered tremendously.  Over 3000 have been killed, some as old as 87.  Infants have been murdered as well.  They've been stabbed, shot, raped, and set on fire.  They've been hung, had their faces blown off, and usually are beaten before they're murdered.  Genocide Watch has stated that these attacks constitute early warning signs of genocide against the Boers.  The murder rate for White South African farmers is four times that of the general South African population.  And remember, their murder rates are up anyway!  Farm attacks in South Africa are 700% higher than any where else on earth (this statistic may not be accurate now that Zimbabwe has been killing off its White farmers.)


He was set on fire


This baby was placed in newspapers and set on fire


Hung in his own tub

Why poke out her eyes?

Women are almost always raped first

While their husbands are forced to watch

Then both are butchered

He was just a school boy still in uniform

His mother was killed first
Then him
Then his father


No pants - they raped him first

This is the legacy of our government, and others, forcing Whites to give up power in South Africa


And what is the response?  Argue over the use of the words, "farm attack."  While White farmers are being slaughtered by the thousands, black politicians, and White idiots, argue over how to phrase their slaughter.

A Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks was appointed in 2001 by the National Commissioner of Police. The purpose of the committee was to "inquire into the ongoing spate of attacks on farms, which include violent criminal acts such as murder, robbery, rape, etc, to determine the motives and factors behind these attacks and to make recommendations on their findings."   In July 2003 the Committee found that:

  • Perpetrators tended to be young, unemployed black men overwhelmingly from dysfunctional family backgrounds
  • Only a small proportion of attacks involve murder (as if that makes it okay)
  • Theft was committed in almost all cases - in cases where no theft appeared to take place, it was usually because the attackers were disturbed
  • White people were not targeted exclusively - in 2001 61% of farm attack victims were white (forgetting that the blacks killed were farm laborers and considered traitors!)

The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) questioned a number of the report's findings, claiming that theft and desire for land did not adequately explain some of the attacks.

Brutal Murders on Farms:  The Total Picture 1991-2001
Jan-Oct 2001809106

These numbers exclude attacks on small holdings and plots.  The actual number is over 3037 and counting

Notice that since 1994, when the African National Congress took over the government, attacks have increased

Pretty hard to stop attacks when the African National Congress, the party of Nelson Mandela, has slogans which promote white genocide

“One settler, one bullet!”, and “Kill a farmer, kill a Boer!” These are still often chanted at rallies.  They also have songs that take solemn oaths to kill the Boers such as “Bulala Ama Bhulu;” and Awulethe Umshini Wami (Give me my weapon), amongst others.



Mandela and his "comrades" (including a couple of Jews) singing about killing White people



It's also hard to stop the attacks when the
news media covers up the crimes

Here's an example:

Afrikaans News Story

Hannetjie Benade, 70, murdered, torched, Henley OnKlip smallholdings Farm Murder Nr. 3,019

this is a translation from the Afrikaans News story:

HENLEY-ON-KLIP SMALLHOLDINGS - Dec 1 2008 - Beeld journalist Sonja van Buul reports that 70-year-old Mrs Hannetjie Benade was found murdered in her smallholding here by a neighbour.

The neighbour, Hans Hendricks, noticed smoke coming from her homestead on Saturday and, noticing that her garage gate was standing open, went to investigate.

He knew she was very security-conscious, Hendricks told the journalist. He alerted the Midvaal fire department and after rushing home for tools to break into her home open with, believing she was trapped.

However emergency workers from Netcare 911 and Midvaal fire department discovered that she had been murdered.  Her face was burnt. Police constable Teboho Lephoto says she was either stabbed or shot in the chest.  Traces show that she was attacked in her garage and dragged to her bedroom.

"Her body was found on her bed in the bedroom." There's no motive: "We could not determine whether anything was missing," he said.

Her son Johan, 48, of Kliprivier, was at an auction when a friend called him with news of his mother's murder.

"My mother believed and trusted that she was safe at the smallholding and I went to check up on her many nights to make certain she was allright," the son said.

Their parents were divorced and his father Gerrie died of a heart-attack earlier this year.

Mrs Benade also leaves son Gerhard of Louwsburg in KZN, and daughter Marina du Plessis of Meyerton.

Same story covered by the English-Language news media

Elderly woman found murdered
29/11/2008 22:21  - (SA)  

Johannesburg - A 71-year-old woman was found murdered in her house in Kliprivier near Vereeniging on Saturday, Gauteng police said.

Constable Teboho Lephoto said the woman was found dead in her house around 16:00 on Saturday.

A neighbour saw smoke coming from her house and alerted emergency fire services and the police.

When police arrived they found the woman dead in her house with multiple wounds to her upper body and a slightly burnt face.

Police believed the woman was alone at her house when she was attacked by an intruder or intruders who then set fire to her house.

A case of murder was being investigated. No arrests had been made.

Police were continuing investigations on scene, said Lephoto.






Notice the difference in the two stories

One sanitizes the truth so the general public doesn't get alarmed



Which one is censoring the news?

Who doesn't want the population to know about farm attacks and murders?


We must save the White South Africans!

They're part of our Heritage too


Americans Must Save White Afrikaners From Genocide

6-18-4     Source: www.rense.com

By Jan Lamprecht

"Afrikaners must be welcomed as political refugees to America." --Jani Allan, Journalist

 A top American radio commentator and a South African journalist are calling on Americans to start sponsoring the emigration of white Afrikaner families as political refugees -- to save them from the ethnic cleansing campaign they are being engulfed in under South African president Mbeki's ANC government.

The comments were made during Mr. Rense's hour-long interview with South African journalist Jani Allan - who recently fled from the violence there and is now attempting to obtain her green card in the US.

Ms Allan warned that the 4.5 million Afrikaners are being 'ethnically-cleansed' by the Mbeki regime and that their plight was growing increasingly desperate each week.

"More than 1,500 white South Africans have already been slaughtered just since the start of the current American war in Iraq," she pointed out. "That's more than twice as many as the number of Iraqi civilians officially said to have been killed in the war so far."

She warned that SA President Mbeki has "a total obsession with race," that he hates Afrikaner people and that he's obsessed with what he terms "colonial oppression."

Ms Allan pointed out, however, that the Afrikaners aren't colonials -- they are indigenous to South Africa, having been there some 350 years - three and a half CENTURIES - and that they are "totally trapped on the continent of Africa, and have no means of escaping" without the help of America.

Jeff Rense: "America must open its borders to the Afrikaner people. "Imagine living in a place over 300 years and then be told that you have no right to live there because of your skin colour. The slaughter of thousands has already commenced and these people must be given political refugee status by the United States."

Miss Allan said the Afrikaners who do manage to flee from the continent with their families find it extremely painful, as they leave behind the only country they have ever known and loved, and in many cases, extended family and other loved ones.

"It is very difficult for an entire family to have to uproot itself and move to a country of which they have no knowledge," she said.

Rense called on his American listeners to contact the US Immigration Service to find out how they could sponsor an Afrikaner family and help legally bring them to the US. He said because of their work ethic and dedication to freedom, Afrikaners would be self-sufficient in no time - unlike most of the 20 plus million illegals who have been permitted and encouraged to invade America by the last two US administration.

"Afrikaners are hard-working people and would not be a liability to their sponsors or the United States," said Rense.

"These people are true political refugees who are being slaughtered because of their ethnic origin," he pointed out.

Miss Allan said there are Americans who have noted the plight of the Afrikaner people and have launched letter-writing campaigns to try and help them, such as Don Pengelly of Texas.

She said she was very moved by a letter he had written her in which he described having attended the funeral of a murdered Afrikaner farm woman and seeing the looks on the faces of her Afrikaner relatives.

"They looked like cattle being taken into a slaughterhouse, with the same stricken looks on their faces. They know they will be next."

Said Allan: "Communism is alive and well and living in Africa, and as a result, Afrikaners are being ethnically-cleansed. They aren't even granted the right to their own small piece of land. The ANC refuses to talk with Afrikaner leaders about creating a homeland for them, not even a tiny piece of desert."

"My heart goes out to the plight of the Afrikaner people. America should open its doors to them, as their suffering is incredible."

Miss Allan also explained that under the ANC's 'Black Economic Empowerment' (BEE) laws, Afrikaners can't even keep their own businesses any more, because owners are being forced to open even family-owned businesses to "black shareholders."

"A business woman wrote me this week that she is now being forced to take black strangers off the street and turn them into co-owners of her family business just to satisfy the demands of BEE."

"I don't see any future for the Afrikaner people - especially due to this 'black economic empowerment' policy of the ANC government."

She also said that crime had gone completely out of control in South Africa, and that there were no safe havens left.

Shortly before she left South Africa for the United States, Allan had been held up at gun-point in Cape town in one of the most upscale, most protected shopping centres in the country. She said her black assailants had put a .44 to her forehead during the robbery.

"Nobody is safe anywhere from the devastating crime wave. People have a defeatist attitude and even wear t-shirts with these horrendous crime statistics printed on the front, but with slogan on the back, "South Africa, I love it..."

Meanwhile, honest journalists in South Africa have no platforms to report the truth, she noted.

She said she was hounded out of her job as a major radio journalist because she asked too many questions. "For instance, I questioned why Mandela has this saint-like status, and I questioned what was happening to the millions of dollars being donated to the Mandela Funds."

"South Africa - just like all of Africa - has now also fallen prey to the one-party state, where no criticism is tolerated against the ruling party at all."

She pointed out that Mbeki wholeheartedly supports the outrageously racist Mugabe doctrine which has announced that all the "whites" must be out of Zimbabwe by 2005.

"That same ethnic cleansing template is also being applied to South Africa. In Zimbabwe, there are now only about 30,000 whites left and most of them can flee to other countries.

"But in South Africa, the 4.5 million Afrikaners are indigenous to the country and are physically trapped on the African continent." And they are being tortured and slaughtered by blacks at a horrible rate.

"My heart goes out to the Afrikaner people who are trapped on the African continent. There must be a way in which Americans can give political asylum to these people."

"There is a silent genocide going on in South Africa." said Ms. Allan.

"There are a few lone voices speaking up against this in other countries. There is, for instance, a woman in Holland who tried to show the video documentary about the black murders of white farm families called 'A Bloody Harvest.'

"She was attacked and demonised by a violent group of left-wing activists and called a right-wing racist."

Jeff Rense has long been the only high-profile US journalist to consistently cover the tragic, racist downward spiral of Zimbabwe and now South Africa. He has offered to do all he can with his program and highly-respected worldwide internet news site to assist in establishing and helping guide a program to rescue as many Afrikaners as possible by seeing that they are permitted to be sponsored by Americans to emigrate to the US.

"These people are truly political refugees who are being murdered and persecuted at an ever-increasing rate. It's time to act. This kind of compassion is what made America the great nation it once was...and still might be again."

He called for immediate legislation to formally declare white Afrikaners political refugees facing certain genocide and establishing a system to immediately allow Americans to personally sponsor their emigration to the US.

He added, "If these were Blacks being slaughtered by Whites, you would see the entire world outraged...but that's not happening because the victims are white."



Results of Black Rule


For more information please visit http://www.truecrimexpo.co.za/ and http://www.africancrisis.co.za/ and http://www.photius.com/countries/south_africa/national_security/south_africa_national_security_crime_and_violence.html and http://afgen.com/afrikaners.html and http://boerboel1.wordpress.com/


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